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In my midterm paper, I select Amazon online marketplace which is a famous e-business since my theme. In that newspaper, I launched the history plus the strategy with this company. And after that I found the to illustrate how Amazon online marketplace collects the customers' details. I mentioned the way of data mining and i also explain how Amazon compensates the most interest on consumers. So from this paper, I will talk about different ones I did not mention in midterm daily news. And at the last in this daily news, I will talk something about the Amazon in China. I believe it will give American a lot of interesting factors. Buy the approach, this year I just gave up applying Amazon to get the Black Friday goods. I put in almost 4 hours on waiting at the door of BestBuy instead of waiting around on Amazon . com. And I still lost the change to find the best goods. Because of an individual got all the tickets and sold them to the people who also really necessary them. In this situation, I thought the twentieth in the line had absolutely nothing different together with the 200th. Customer care

Just like I have described in my midterm paper, Amazon put the consumers on the top class and it spends a lot of employees to serve the customers. And Amazon as well serves the very best website service to customers.

Amazon . com makes a day list to see customers its deal.

Like icloud Amazon online marketplace has it is Amazon cloud player, which allows customer to keep the music safe in the cloud and perform it everywhere. Unlike iCloud, the music could be played in any products which include Fire, Android and iPhone. And Amazon also offers its Amazon online cloud travel, which is 5GB of free on-line storage. From this situation, Amazon is not only an online book retail outlet, but as well an THAT company. And customers' reviews builds the community for customers to talk about the information and grade the items. All the clients read feedback before they are doing their buying. And then in this situation, there exists a biggest concern that we will need to face will be we should trust the feedbacks? I will discuss this problem later. DSS

My spouse and i mentioned DSS in my midterm paper and after this I will expose DSS particularly. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a category of computerized information system that supports decision-making actions. DSS happen to be interactive computer-based systems and subsystems intended to help decision makers work with communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge and models to complete decision process tasks. A decision support system may possibly present data graphically and may include a specialist system or artificial intellect (AI). It might be aimed at business executives or any other group of knowledge personnel. Typical info that a decision support program might gather and present would be, (a) Accessing all information assets, including legacy and relational info sources; (b) Comparative info figures; (c) Projected statistics based on new data or perhaps assumptions; (d) Consequences of different decision alternatives, given previous experience within a specific context. And when we focus on data mining, We consider Amazon as your data driven DSS. Because of most data motivated DSSs are targeted at managers, staff and in addition products or services suppliers. It is utilized to query a database or perhaps data ware house to seek specific answers for certain purposes. It requires several techniques to collect data and assess data. When I realize that Amazon relies upon its technology to become the best company, I do think Amazon's DSS is the understanding driven. It is an IT firm more than a B2C company. So when I visit our website materials, I found that Amazon online considers itself as a great IT company. In this way, Amazon online marketplace relies that knowledge powered DSS to back up its business. BI

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