Discovering The significance of Your Personali

п»їDiscovering the cost of Your Persona

All of us have distinct individuality, and all of us can, , and without knowing it, push some of our inborn qualities to an unhealthy extreme that could wreak damage in amarriage. —Gary Smalley

The individuality inventory you take is usually not like a test you fail or pass. Really more like a fingerprint that shows your tendencies. Habits can change, in contrast to fingerprints. Discovering your persona tendencies in relationships helps you to show in which your strengths and weaknesses exist. Every single of us provides these character strengths in combinations that happen to be variable and adjustable. They have to be brought into balance. Therefore , the goal of this kind of session is usually to help you appreciate where you are " out of balance" with regards to your character. We've identified that our best personal strengths—when pushed out of balance—become our greatest weakness. As an example, let's say that your durability is that you could have tremendous passion, this becomes a weakness as your enthusiasm becomes manipulation. If the particular figure trait of yours is also extreme, for the point which it irritates the mate or your children, you can decide to force that trait down and push different traits up. Let's take a closer glance at the four distinct personality types and see what happens when our strengths happen to be pushed away of harmony: L is for Lion


Strengths Forced Out of Balance

Trouble solver

Also busy

Strong, direct communication


Decision maker

Unthoughtful of others desires

Strong Willed


3rd party, Self-reliant

Prevents people and seeking help

Action oriented, persistent

Rigid, relentless, unyielding

Likes specialist

Too immediate or requiring

Takes demand

Pushy, impatient—do it now!


Arrogant, overlook emotions


Big risks


Cold blooded

What does a well-balanced Lion appear like? Since Elephants are normally hard on concerns, their best relational need is to add softness to their normal...



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