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The Cold War Era was obviously a time in record where there was hostility among many different countries. The one perhaps most obviously was the hostility between the Soviet Union and United States, the fight among Communism and Capitalism. As the utmost dominant nation the U. S. offered assistance to countries threatened simply by Communism. They felt that Communism was wrong and was not the proper way to run a authorities. Between the years 1945 and 1980 the us and Soviet Union's romance was ruined, which caused a lot of distrust between two. The two countries under no circumstances went to battle, but there are a lot of disagreements, among them the U. T. was a democracy and the Soviet Union was under a dictatorship. Leading up to the Cold Warfare America started to be the richest world power and the Soviet Union had a poor economic base. One of the greatest disputes both the countries got was over nuclear weapons and lookout. The Chilly War a new huge reflection on pop culture in the usa.

A large number of actors and Americans that remained an integral part of pop culture were struggling with accusations of being Communists or helping their cause. Numerous people were sent to jail for their political views, and some actually committed committing suicide because we were holding scared because of their lives. Relating to Stephen Whitefield, the Cold Warfare " distorted and enfeebled” cultural manifestation by the personal view of Communism becoming more hated and despised. Whitefield expresses this when he says, " By introducing ideological politics, Communism became more loathed than organized crime, exacerbating fears that were to distort and enfeeble American Culture through the late 1940s and the 1950s” (220). People feared the political concept of Communism and wanted to keep away from it because they recognized that if perhaps they were to get involved it will have an effect on all their life. Because of the Chilly War, postwar pop lifestyle undermined problems to the circumstances in several different methods. People in the commercial didn't feel at ease...



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