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1 . The Steven Truscott Case. About June 9th 1959 in Godrich, Ontario 14 year old Steven Truscott was accused of the tough and rape of 12 year old Lynne Harper.

installment payments on your Steven was a popular, athletic and brilliant young man when justin was 14 nevertheless that all ended when he was accused of murder. Steven was the last person noticed with Lynne before the lady was seen in the wooded groove upon June eleventh. In the rose bush or wooded groove, right before highway eight and the famous bridge where two witnesses saw Steven and Lynne on his bike riding towards the freeway, Lynne Harpers body was found by a military police officer. Lynne's physique found resting in the rose bush naked, with strangle marks around her neck and signs that she was raped. However wasn't very much supporting evidence or purpose, Truscott was your last person with her which generated his 10 year imprisonment.


3. The 2 day police investigation that started on Friday Summer 12, 1959 when Truscott was indexed and brought to the station. After a eight hour revendication from the law enforcement were still not able to obtain Steven to confess to murder. The sole evidence which the police had to support their particular case against Steven was from one more class lover named Jocelyn Gaudet. The lady had advised police that she was approached by simply Truscott earlier that week and he previously asked her to meet her in the same bush wherever Lynne Harpers body was found. After having a police do an tanda, the character, he stated that he had seen her at the moment when Truscott apparently asked her to the bush. After that on June 13, late 1950s police charge Steven Truscott for the murder of Lynne Harper.

4. The forensic analysis like the police investigation was very comprehensive. The forensics did not give proper data such as the evaluation on Lynne's stomach. After examining Lynne Harpers abdomen content he was able to provide evidence that she died between the instances 7: 15 and 7: 45. This information was considered very in accurate which...



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