Les Mills Situational Anaysis

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1 . Professional summary

L'ensemble des Mills is actually a New Zealand based and world well known gym operation. The owner Philip Mills, has created a variety of good quality fitness facilities around Fresh Zealand, opening the tenth and most recent club in Britomart, Auckland in 2010. Les Mills is renowned for holding it of Sides Best Fitness Classes and then for their large standard of operations, which makes them one of the leading rivals in the Fresh Zealand fitness center industry. The objective of this survey is to identify and focus on potential industry segments. By reaching these specific ‘segments', Les Generators can enhance their client basis by attractive to a larger market viewers.

The Situational analysis conducted for L'ensemble des Mills says, the New Zealand gym industry is growing substantially by influences, such as increased wellness awareness and fitness craze's including group exercise classes. These elements provide large potential for L'ensemble des Mills to expand their client-basis. The analysis as well provides Les Mills with an insight into their current position on the competitive scale, which will shows they are the New Zealand leader in quality and standard of operations and in addition second to Jetts to get satisfaction. Different external elements such as the politics and economy, prove to gain and hinder the gym sector and L'ensemble des Mills. For example , government legal guidelines creating a stable market environment, or the downturn in the economy negatively altering discretionary spending levels.

Performing a TOWS analysis discovered, positive and negative factors of L'ensemble des Mills current market strategy and position, by simply revealing several Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths. One specific and important factor intended for revealing Des Mills ideal target market, is a weakness that Les Mills membership fees are fairly more expensive in that case other rivals in the gym industry. Based on this kind of evidence Des Mills should target a market of high salary earning adults and the baby boomer generation, due to the fact that they may have higher cash flow levels and are also less value sensitive. From your TOWS research, vital information and conclusions allowed for recommendations to be made, such as the potential in an elderly, aging marketplace, the benefits and attraction of introducing swimming pools into L'ensemble des Mills clubs and globalizing Les Generators clubs, to improve their earnings and clientele.

Luke Richards-300311784

2 . Stand of Items


1 ) Executive Brief summary


2 . Table of Contents


3. Launch


four. Situational Examination


some. 1 Industry Analysis


4. 1 ) 1 Fresh Zealand Fitness center Market

5. 1 . a couple of Current Concentrate on Consumers

5. 1 . three or more Consumer Developments

4. 1 . 4 Consumer Buying Habits

4. 2 Competitor Examination


4. 2 . one particular Strengths and Weaknesses Grid

4. 2 . 2 Perceptual Map and Positioning

four. 2 . three or more Competitive Edge

4. three or more Macro Environmental Analysis


4. 3. 1 Politics Environment

some. 3. two Economical Environment

4. three or more. 3 Socio-Cultural Environment

5. 3. 4 Technological Environment

4. three or more. 5 Environment

5. TOWS Analysis


6. Target Market


six. Recommendations


8. Referrals


Luke Richards-300311784

a few. Introduction

L'ensemble des Mills can be described as New Zealand based and world renowned gym. The gym started in 1968 when New Zealand, olympic athlete L'ensemble des Mills and wife Colleen opened the first membership in Auckland. In 80 Philip Generators took over the business, with the objective of integrating group fitness classes into the golf clubs (Les Generators Gyms|Our Tale, 2012). Following multiple a lot of success inside the New Zealand gym sector, Les Mills international started in 1997, when Philip's fitness classes gained global recognition from international sector leaders such as Australian Costs Robertson (Our History, 2013). Les Mills has extended to succeed and grow today. With twelve clubs in the country, world renowned fitness classes as well as the most comprehensive range of state of the art equipment in New Zealand,...

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