Migration in 19th Century

Luis Calderón

Christopher Davis

History 1302

18 January 2013

Migrants in the nineteenth century

Inside the 19th 100 years the U. S was known as the glowing door, as a result of many options the country experienced for all the overseas people. They were two types of immigrants: the old immigrants and the new migrants. The old foreign nationals were coming from countries in north and west Europe and immigrated between 1850 and 1880. However during 1880 and 1910 seventeen. 7 mil immigrants moved into the U. S., these were known as the new immigrants. The newest immigrants originated in south and east Europe. With the entrance of the fresh immigrants several problems come about such as the nativism. the native- born People in the usa were upset about the arrival of the new migrants. However equally, old and new immigrants shared prevalent characteristics. A few characteristics had been a " better lifestyle, to have a respectable job, and s to freely practice their faith. ” (Out of many […] 562) Mentioned the author David Faragher.

Having a better lifestyle was a concern to any zuzugler entering to america. any immigrant entered the us to start a new life. On the other hand some migrants missed they will loved ones and it wasn't possible to adapt, because of this reason migrants chains started to emerge. By way of example if the Italian language father leave his native country everyone followed him and then begin a new existence together, making it easier to all the family to get a better life with their family. Immigration chain was one of the reasons there was many immigrants of the same ethnic group. Like any other person on the globe the foreign nationals gather with the own ethnic group. Gathering with their ethnic groups offered them self confidence so there is ethnic residential areas such as chinese suppliers town. The ethnic areas were like a mini a part of their lifestyle, where they will lived like in his native country. All of this factors managed to get easier intended for an zugezogener to have a better life. Another reason for a person to take a flight to the United States was to have...

Mentioned: Mack, David Faragher.  Out of Many: a brief history of American people.  New jersey: Charlyce Smith Owen, 2k. Some attributes were a " better life, to possess a decent job, and s to openly practice their very own religion. ” (Out of several […] 562) Stated the author John Faragher.

Barrett, Adam R. Existence and improve Turn-of-the century Chicago Migrants.

Most foreign nationals worked in dangerous jobs such as " slaughterhouses” since the James R. Barrett stated in his article Your life and work for Turn-of-the 100 years Chicago Foreign nationals. The immigrants working in the meatpacking market earned 15 cents an hour or so which in present dollars will be $3. 00 an hour. However their income wasn't enough to support their families



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