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Reactions to Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino Before, During, along with the Particular February 1986 " Snap” Philippine Presidential Elections Karen Ames

Dr . Katherine Tinsley

Student Research Symposium


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All of the world's attention was focused on the Philippines prior to, during, after the particular February 1986 " snap” presidential selection. The elections showcased a struggle for obama administration between Corazon Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon Aquino, a sufferer, martyr, who was there intended for the Israel versus Ferdinand Marcos a dictator, an innovator, who planned to keep the presidential power. David versus Goliath is what the " snap” elections were often referred to. What did those of the Philippines think of these types of opponents? Just how did all the events encircling the " snap” election come about? Accusations and actions were made on both sides in the table, some good, and some awful. This is to measure the reactions of people in the Philippines and also around the world to Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon Aquino searching at the events leading up to, during, and after the special March 1986 " snap” election. Ferdinand Marcos became leader of the Thailand on 12 , 30, 1965 by the assure of associated with Philippines a great nation once again. 1 In the beginning Filipinos were optimistic with their new head. Alex Abatayo commented that during the initially ten years in office Marcos led the Philippines perfectly. 2 Nevertheless , the Thailand started to deteriorate when he executed Martial Law on September 21, 72. Marcos explained the implementation of martial law was for the good of Israel. He said it was " to save the Republic and reform society”. He after extended time of Martial Law and " removed the Our elected representatives of the Philippines and took over the legal powers”. Marcos ignored the Constitution and violated the check of Legal rights; people's legal rights were used advantage of and abused. 3 This in short made Marcos a master, though this label has not been how he considered him self. He favored the title " constitutional authoritarian”. 4 one particular Dr . California C. Leuterio, Philippine: Record & Authorities (Manila: St Augustine Publications, Inc., 1998), 150. two Alexander Abatayo interview, Done by Karen Ames, April. 7, 2007 3 Dr . Florida C. Leuterio, 153. 4 Doctor Florida C. Leuterio, 153. Ames a few

Benigno " Ninoy” Aquino, the husband of Corazon Aquino, was a former opponent of Marcos who had been arrested and imprisoned before going into relegation in America. This individual returned via exile in the U. S. to the Israel, in 1983, because of his hopes of persuading Marcos to peacefully transfer the presidential location to him. 5 Having been warned by Marcos not to to return as a result of threats about Benigno's existence. This did not dissuade Ninoy from coming back, for having been there intended for the people from the Philippines rather than for him self. On August 21st, after his go back to the Thailand, Benigno Aquino was assassinated. 6 Corazon Aquino as well as the rest of the Philippines was in impact at the reports of Ninoy's assassination. When ever Corazon Aquino returned to the Philippines, she did not believe many persons would the funeral. The us government had restricted any mass media coverage around the assassination plus the funeral of Benigno Aquino. 7 Only Radio Veritas, a Catholic Church Radio station, was broadcasting information about these two incidents. 8 Expression spread of what experienced happened, and the reaction of the Philippine region showed in the funeral in grief, misery, anger along with outrage. Ninoy's funeral was compared to those of Mahatma Gandhi, not only in size but likewise by the reaction of the Philippine people. being unfaithful Many Filipinos sympathized together with the Aquino family and started to present their thoughts against Ferdinand Marcos. 15 The murder of Benevolo Aquino gave Marcos an undesirable image all over the world. When the assassination occurred, america obtained a bad view of Marcos and President Reagan cancelled his trip to the Philippines during his travel of Asia. 11...



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