Volcanoes will be holes or vents inside the earth's brown crust area, created when ever molten warm magma underneath the crust with the earth is forced up to the surface to the surface area. Magma gathers in a chamber beneath the crust, pressure increases and makes it up through cracks or perhaps fissure and a conduit to the area is created. Warm gases try to escape tend to be trapped inside the magma. The surface of the earth starts to bulge until the pressure is unable to be contained. Gases and fragments will be released in a violent explosion called a scenic eruption. A volcano can easily erupt many times in its life time. The ALGUN material produced over many eruptions steadily builds. A cone molded mountain. In the center of the mountain is a port called the central in-take, there can be smaller sized side ports that come from the center vent out. In many volcanoes there is a huge magma holding chamber where the magma is. The explosive benefits of a volcano depends on just how much gas is definitely trapped in the magma. When there is a wide range of gas captured in the magma the breakouts are less mind blowing magma oozes out of the volcano in the form of lava. The lava expelled from an eruption volcano forms on the attributes of the volcanic mountain and cools creating a hard brown crust area of brand period kin fresh earth. Depending on how much lava and (tephra) build up various kinds of volcanoes can be formed. You will find three main types of volcanoes, cinder cone volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and defend volcanoes. Cinder cone volcanoes are little volcanic mountains made up specifically and is composed of cinders. Cinder cones will often have a short lifestyle that is why they are quite tiny. The second main type of volcano, the amalgamated volcano, as opposed to the cinder cone can easily grow much larger. One well-known example of a composite volcano is MT. FUJI in Japan. The third type of volcano is the protect volcano. Protect volcano is usually gently sloping mound shaped volcanoes shaped by weakened eruptions with liquid lava that spreads out throughout the crater. Volcanoes are disadvantages...



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