About reveal, in my group work, I do think I can participate in most of group meeting to share our view and idea. I believe that if we are not able to arrive at meeting, it is difficult intended for our head to organize and manage each of our group, yet also it challenging to arrange our meeting period. So , we have responsibility to join in our getting together with on time.

Facing each process, I can work nicely and show greatest my ability. If I include new idea I can share with my member. I believe I will continue to problem myself that my ability can obtain develop. I as well believe this can help to bring the best decision. Additionally, I think that listening is very important skill. Through listening properly, we can discover new element that can provide our new way to analyze our topic. It also values our affiliate. Through continually listening and clarify what he explained, we can set up idea and share our emotions.

Before every meeting and task, I can spend time to look relevance details about topic. It is quite significant process for me to help to understand each of our topic and catch main point. Even though I cannot quickly produce idea that is among my finest natural aspects during our meeting, I could listen my own member's chatting and their opinion to think my personal new thoughts and opinions and coordinate my language. Sharing relevance information, we are able to easy to understand the background of theme. I can join each conversation with every single person to share a feeling of purpose and common desired goals, which can help us to obtain to attain these goals.

Although I have a lot of shortcoming, team working may help me to lessen my trouble. Sharing ideas and judgment, it can rich our subject. We can with each other to designate our operate and each part rationally. Additionally , I can fascination to join in our discussion about our element. This can help myself to find weak point to improve my topic.



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