The Analysis in the Merry Guys and Other Tales and Fables

2 . The analysis from the grotesque elements in The Cheerful Men and Other Tales and Fables

The 2nd chapter from the diploma thesis deals with the analysis from the grotesque elements in the variety of short tales by Robert Louis Stevenson which is called The Merry Males and Other Reports and Fables. The collection of short testimonies is picked due to numerous depictions with the grotesque elements in its 6 short tales, namely The Merry Guys, Will O´the Mill, Markheim, Thrawn Jeremy, Olalla, The Treasure of Franchard. Each of these short tales offers repulsive elements in various extent and representation. For the purpose of the research, the focus is usually put on three selected brief stories – Markheim, Olalla and Thrawn Janet. Since the fact that the collection was created just one 12 months later compared to the novella The Strange Circumstance of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the ridicule elements presented on the persona as well as on the setting will be strengthen. The second chapter is targeted on the research of the grotesque elements in the collection of brief stories.

Every single short story from the collection is unique and deals with the different subjects like murder, strange vampire friends and family, strange female working at the parsonage. The first brief story Markheim deals with the murderer Markheim, who reached the store during the Xmas Day and killed the dealer. Additionally , strange being visits him while he is looking for the keys towards the safe. At the beginning it must be explained, that the history creates the grotesque effect through the repulsive elements, which usually together create the plunging world. Furthermore, the story reveals demonic character types and occasion. The setting of the account is make the pawn shop, which creates the contrast with the exterior world. The contrast is visible in the whole tale, mainly for the transformation of the protagonist in the character with moral ideals. The beginning of the storyplot introduces Markheim´s discussion together with the dealer with the shop. There are numerous strange factors, which makes the peculiar world. In the beginning, it is the time of the whole story, which is Christmas Day. Arsenic intoxication Markheim at the mechanic in that day is unusual, since persons tend to dedicate Christmas Trip to home. The dealer´s reaction on this unconventional time exists, when he says that Markheim came in extremely strange period, when he recognized that the seller is only (Stevenson, 1905, p. 104). The dealer´s amazement can be reflected also in the amazement of the visitor. Secondly the setting is established by the strange rooms at the mechanic and its distinction with the outer world. While the shop can be described as darker, with the fire of candle lights, the outer world is full of life. The presence of Markheim creates the strange quiet, which is perhaps the herald of something terrible. It is disturbed only simply by clocks and outer globe since it is usually stated that " the ticking of countless clocks among the curious timber of the store, and the faint rushing of the cabs in a near thoroughfare, filled up the interval of silence” (Stevenson, 1905, s. 105). The strange circumstance at the beginning slowly but surely moves to revelation of Markheim´s character. This individual becomes very angry if the dealer offers him an image as a Christmas present and his patterns influences the dealer: The small man experienced jumped when Markheim had so suddenly confronted him with the mirror; but now, perceiving there was practically nothing worse accessible, he chuckled. (Stevenson, 1905, p. 106)

The reaction of the dealer is probably the fear, because the world in the shop becomes in opposition for him. The character of Markheim creates abysmal world for the dealer, especially his presence and behavior. The dialogue among two men becomes extremely strange, it can be full of all of the changes in the disposition. For a while, Markheim is upset and he cries, inside the other instant he attempts to be very polite and calm. It really is evident in the conversation shortly before he kills the supplier: " Oh! " cried Markheim, using a strange attention. " Oh, have you been in love?...



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