The Thai History


1868–1910: rule of California king Chulalongkorn, modernization of Thailand * To counter imperialism and sustain Thailand's self-reliance and sovereignty, King Rama V started and integrated social system investment, government reform, higher level diplomatic associations and trade agreements. 5. He dispatched his princes to study in various fields in several European countries such as Russia and Germany. These types of princes, then simply returned to Thailand and were in charge of the reforms and modernization of education, health care, armed forces, public supervision, transportation and communication, laws and regulations and rights, etc . by adoption and adaptation from the Western models and technology. * Benefits of Bangkok: the majority of populated and economically significant, contributing 98 per cent of all exports. ALTHOUGH rest of Thailand not integrated to the community economy 5. Slow Financial growth: zero. 4% each year between 1870 and 1913 (Sompop 1989 ñ offered in Dixon 1999).

1932, The Siamese revolution

2. A non-bloody Coup, led by the Someones Party

* 24 June 1932: end in the absolute monarchy and institution of a constitutional monarchy 2. Leaders of the movement were inspired by democratic values they found out during their examine abroad. 5. Siam sama dengan a democratic country w/ a Legislative house

* first constitution

5. 1935: abdication and exil of Ruler Rama VII

5. Once the fresh government was established plus the constitution implement9049, conflict began to erupt among the members with the new judgment coalition. * Pridi's radical economic ideas, which called for the nationalisation of all property and work, were strongly rejected by many people[as serious and allegedly communist 2. In 1933, Pridi proceeded a voluntary exile, this individual came back in 1934 and founded Thammasat * Armed forces branch in power following your Siamese wave

1938-1944: Phibul, Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich).

Strong nationalism. 1939: Siam changed into " Thailand”.

Japanese invades Thailand during WWII.




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