Multi Disciplinary Team in Healthcare

Multi-Disciplinary Teams.

Although on placement on an mature rehabilitation keep, I had the opportunity to work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team and attended a multi-disciplinary staff meeting.

Gorman (1998) explains a multi-disciplinary team while " …bringing together the wisdom and skills [and] …differing experience, different value systems and different organizational hierarchies” of the different areas of understanding.

Whilst about this placement, I use worked together with and aided nursing Sisters, staff nursing staff, auxiliary rns, physiotherapists, consultants, clinical fellows and residence officers.

I use assisted medical fellows and house officials to insert a cannula into a person's vein. I possess assisted the physiotherapist to transfer and mobilize sufferers. I have mentioned the progress of people with the physiotherapist.

I have assisted the auxiliary nurses with the cleansing, bathing, dressing and toileting of people. I have also assisted personnel nurses and sisters with the nursing obligations, for example , shower patient's pains, administering medicines and injections, writing kardexes and treatment plans, took part in in change handovers and admitting and discharging sufferers.

There are numerous benefits of a multi-disciplinary team. One such benefit is a better quality decision may be made. Decisions regarding treatment can be very complicated and serious. Decision-making applying information from all associates of the care delivery staff ensures that important info about the patient is not really ignored or perhaps missed.

One other benefit is usually that the allocation of roles and responsibilities is clearer and easier to figure out when each of the team members will be together in a meeting. As well, one staff, one tone: the whole group working towards the same program of treatment, speaking to the sufferer and their friends and family with one particular voice instead of disagreement (Gorman, 1998).

Although on my placement on the mature rehabilitation ward, I went to a multi-disciplinary team...

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