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I select to read, and then write about the poem, " The Cashew Trees” written by Derek Walcott. The reason I choose this poem is because it seems fitting to life and it has a lot of that means towards ladies and shows a few of the struggles that they went through during their life. After reading this composition and carrying out a little research on Walcott, I like the truth that most of his operate is based on the Caribbean lifestyle.

Derek Walcott came to be in 1930 on the island of Saint Lucia. Walcott creates of the two worlds that informed his childhood: " Colonials, we all began with this malarial enervation: that nothing would ever be able to be built among these rotting shacks, barefooted gardens and moulting shingles; that being poor, we already had the theater of our lives. ” Walcott is the author with the poem, " The Almond Trees. ” Growing up on a volcanic isle had a solid impact on his life wonderful work. That made him an avid tourist to other countries. In his teenage years he trained as a painter and was mentored by simply Harold Simmons whose your life as a specialist artist presented an inspiring model for him. Walcott not merely is a article writer, but he is also the founder from the Trinidad Theatre Workshop. He can also the founder in the Boston Playwrights' Theatre located at Boston University. His collections of writing consist of The Prodigal, White Egrets and Tiepolo's hound. White Egrets may be the collection of producing that received the To. S Eliot Prize. In 1992, he also gained the Nobel Prize. Almost all of his publishing had Methodism and spiritual techniques throughout this. Walcott has additionally written some plays in his years of publishing. Some the plays he has written are: The Isle abounds with Noises, Remembrance and Mimodrame, and Desire on Goof Mountain and also other Plays. Some of Walcott's respects include a MacArthur Foundation " genius" prize, a Hoheitsvoll Society of Literature Award, and the Queen's Medal for Poetry. He can also a great honorary member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Although his poems displays a...



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